Smash Burger

Blue Smoke BBQ

Blue Smoke

Blue Smoke BBQ!

The fellas from Blue Smoke BBQ are becoming a regular addition to the Secret Spot team on weekends. They produce the most delicious burgers you’ve ever tasted! With a choice of the “smash burger” and the “crazy keto burger”.

These mouth-watering burgers are made to their own special recipe, and are layered up with all the cheese and all the sauces!

Available for $13, or add an extra layer for $2 each, and pictured below is a double Smash burger!

Here at Secret Spot most weekends between 12 and 6pm. But please call to confirm.

And if you have an event approaching and would like a delicious BBQ lunch or dinner for over 30 people – These guys would be an excellent option.

Smash Burger