Just Paw’fect: Dog-friendly activities in Rotorua


With stunning natural surroundings and a rich cultural history, Rotorua is fast becoming one of the top places in New Zealand to visit. It’s no surprise that many families flock to Rotorua to enjoy the great outdoors and relax in its many hot springs and spas. But what about our furry friends? Fortunately, there’s now a growing range of dog-friendly activities in Rotorua.

One of the top dog-friendly places in Rotorua is Secret Spot Hot Tubs, where you can enjoy a relaxing soak in a natural spring-fed hot tub while your furry friend hangs out with you. At Secret Spot, dogs are more than welcome to join in on the fun. We’re set in a picturesque location surrounded by lush greenery and stunning views, making it the perfect spot for pet owners and their pups to unwind and enjoy some quality time together.

But that’s not all; we also have Deliciously Juicy Pet Treats available for purchase. Natural NZ Pet Food’s pumpkin and sunflower biscotti dog treats are a delicious and healthy snack for your furry friend. Made with all-natural ingredients, these treats are wheat-free, gluten-free, and contain no artificial preservatives. They’re perfect for dogs with food sensitivities and are sure to have your pup begging for more.


So, what can you expect when you visit Secret Spot Hot Tubs with your dog? You’ll be greeted with warm hospitality, and the staff will provide you with all the information to make your visit as relaxing as possible. Enjoy the beautiful forest views from you own cedar hot tub, while your dog relaxes on the platform beside you. Stay a while and grab a bite to eat from our unique BaseCamp Street Food Café and Craft Bar, chill out on the lawn with giant lawn games, or take your relaxation further with a free Shinny Dip foot hot tub. There are water bowls around the complex to ensure your dog stays hydrated.

After a long day of adventures, Secret Spot is a fantastic option for pet owners who are looking for a relaxed, dog-friendly location in Rotorua. With a warm welcome, delicious pet treats, and great activity options, there’s no reason not to bring your dog along for the ride. So next time you’re in Rotorua, be sure to stop by Secret Spot Hot Tubs and make some memories with your four-legged companion!

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     Secret Spot is rated one of the top dog-friendly activities in Rotorua

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