Mountain Biking Mecca!


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Located on the edge of the Whakarewarewa forest, Secret Spot is in the heart of Mountain biking Mecca! So It’s pretty commonplace to have 30 or more mountain bikes parked up on our purpose built bike racks, or sometimes spread all over our eastern lawn – just like when you were a kid, and all your mates came around to your house!

It’s not often however, that we host wheelie’s and tricks between the Shinny Dips! But we made an exception in the case of Steffi Marth, one of the Crankworx competitors… Just doing her thing between events last year.

Not only is Rotorua mountain biking Mecca, it’s also the “Mecca” of hot tubs, hot pools and forest bathing – The perfect day, for many locals and visitors to Rotorua consist of a fun packed day riding the trails, followed by a decadent hot tub experience at Secret Spot, with a nice cold beer to hand! 😉

For obvious reasons, Crankworx has been postponed until November this year. Finger’s crossed that we can welcome some international visitors by then.

Thanks Thomas Falconer for the great photo.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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